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[PRE-ORDER] Santubong

[PRE-ORDER] Santubong

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SANTUBONG: the spectacular Mount, the ancient legend, the other-worldly fragrance.

Santubong the Mount, in Sarawak (Malaysia's Borneo) is a spectacular rainforest where one can see the rare Irrawaddy dolphines. From afar, the Santubong peak rather looks like the profile of a woman lain down facing the tropical sky come rain or shine.

The strange quality of Santubong Eau de Parfum is evident in that no single note dominates the fragrance. It unites in a seamless quality, something which the two princesses never achieved in the end. The use of lavender and vanilla, each so different in its own way is mediated by the Sumatran benzoin in concert to denote the differences between the two sisters who came from another world but ended up with an earthly tale of mortalness.

Notes: Vanilla, Sumatran benzoin, Lavender.

15ml eau de Parfum 

15ml Features: 

  • Artisanally made in small batches in our studio
  • Durable glass and cap
  • Box packaging
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free
  • Locally- and regionally-sourced naturals priority
  • Sustainably sourced as much as possible
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