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Malay Perfumery

[PRE-ORDER] Pattani

[PRE-ORDER] Pattani

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Pattani, a Malay sub-ethnic living in what is now Southern Thailand. Long persecuted by Siam, the Pattanis have proven themselves a formidable foe in protecting their identity and homeland. A large number of them went into hiding in deep jungles, taming elephants to help open lands in hilly areas for farming and resettling far from the reach of Siamese cruelty.

Pattani Eau de Parfum is an embodiment of that undying spirit of a people overlooked, whose life is a constant battlefield. This fragrance is for men who are raw and earthy, for the men on the battlefield of life, for men who take on the world in leather and steel, for men who do not need to smell like lemons and soap to assert themselves. It's the smell of strength, resilience, of bare skin, of MSBB (Men's Skin, But Better).

Notes: Earthy, Woody, Leather, Herbal, Musk.

15ml eau de Parfum 

15ml Features: 

  • Artisanally made in small batches in our studio
  • Durable glass and cap
  • Box packaging
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free
  • Locally- and regionally-sourced naturals priority
  • Sustainably sourced as much as possible
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