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Malay Perfumery

[PRE-ORDER] Oud Malay

[PRE-ORDER] Oud Malay

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A woody aromatic, pleasantly unisex (leaning towards feminine), we took authentic Malaysian Oud (aquilaria malaccensis) and decorated it with aspects that are already in it, further enhancing what was already gorgeous into an unforgettable fragrance.

This has nothing 'barnyard' about it, and the oud is subtle very much like the Malay character who are experts at subtlety in all forms. Unisex, office-friendly, pleasing to almost everyone. Oud works wonders in the heat so be sure to spray directly on warmer parts of the skin.

Notes: Malaysian oud (aquilaria malaccensis), leather, ambergris, benzoin, star anise, jasmine.

15ml eau de Parfum 

15ml Features: 

  • Artisanally made in small batches in our studio
  • Durable glass and cap
  • Box packaging
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free
  • Locally- and regionally-sourced naturals priority
  • Sustainably sourced as much as possible
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