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[PRE-ORDER] Hang Li Po

[PRE-ORDER] Hang Li Po

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Hang Li Po was a Princess in 15th century Melaka. Legend has it that she was a gift from the Emperor of China to the Sultan of Melaka as a wife. Largely thought to be the Mother of an entire subculture called Baba Nyonya, Princess Hang Li Po brought with her not only a large entourage from China but also a culture of willingness to call this land her home. She and her subjects successfully intermarried, melded and adopted Malay culture into daily life, creating hybrid Malay-Chinese influences in clothing, language, ceramic pottery, food, music, architecture, and furniture.

Hang Li Po EdP is a medly of traditionally Chinese smells - Oranges, Osmanthus, and Incense - with Malay notes of benzoin, and Rose Kampung (similar to tea rose). Perfect for ushering in the Lunar New Year, this lightly juicy floral fragrance blends delightfully into traditional celebrations in a new auspicious decade.

Notes: Orange, Osmanthus, Tea Rose, Benzoin, Incense.

15ml eau de Parfum 

15ml Features: 

  • Artisanally made in small batches in our studio
  • Durable glass and cap
  • Box packaging
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free
  • Locally- and regionally-sourced naturals priority
  • Sustainably sourced as much as possible
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