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1899 begins powdery, fruity fresh, like the scent of freshly showered happy little girls skipping along to school. The crisp morning air is clean after a tropical storm the night before, and on the school grounds frangipani flowers are freshly strewn from a triplet of old trees, its dewy petals by the hundreds perfuming the classrooms. The scent does not stay ‘little girl’ for long. It ‘grows up’, blooming in tiny increments, and without realising you get the scent of lipstick and make up, of memories and whispered thoughts, the hopes and dreams of youthful young ladies. Soon, sophisticated amber and rose intermingle to evolve into something grown up, a floriental for the confident woman who is out to conquer the world with her simpleness in virtue and steadfastness in duty.

1899 EdP is a limited edition floriental (floral-oriental) fragrance created by Fazzillah Noordin to commemorate her Alma Mater, Convent Bukit Nanas 120th Anniversary. CBN was instituted in 1899 by French Infant Jesus Sisters with the motto ‘Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty’.

Notes: Frangipani, Leaf, Rain, Rose, Amber, Tropical fruits.

30 ml eau de Parfum

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