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Winstedt Pour Homme

Winstedt Pour Homme

Winstedt Pour Homme is the quintessential turn-of-century writer in an exotic land, late at night with a cigar in his mouth, ink-smeared fingers scribbling furiously at his desk, a burning candle casting wavering light and shadow on his face, collar unbuttoned, hair in a disarray, and every now and then he takes a gulp from a glass of liquor nearby...

Scent imagery begins with R.O. Winstedt, a British administrator of the Federation of Malay States in 1920s who took pains to learn the language. His scholarly habit produced written works of most, if not all, surviving Malay oral literature. At a time when the Malays were not allowed education, he went around villages and wrote down whatever was left of the rich Malay civilisation. Although his works now are viewed as biased towards the white man, many scholars still view his contribution as invaluable as most of that oral history and literature are now extinct. This scent pays tribute to his long-standing legacy and invaluable wealth of knowledge into a time past.

Notes: Spicy rose, smoky tobacco, cognac accord, incense, oud.

30 ml eau de Parfum

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