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An iris floral with rosebud accents. It opens juicy, eventually settling down into iris with rosebuds trailing. Vanilla lends a caramel background note right into the drydown.

She’s polite, subtle, and poised. Teja Eau de Parfum is the embodiment of a Malay Queen. She has presence without being loud, she makes a statement without raising her voice.

Tun Teja Ratna Benggala, the last Queen Consort (Raja Permaisuri) of classical Melaka who fleed to safety in 1511 when the Portuguese sacked the rich state, was a Queen who most likely had lived in opulence. There is not much history written about her person apart from the Sultan who killed her father and brother(s) for hiding the fact of her beauty from him. She was initially betrothed to another royally-connected persona from a different state, but the Sultan of Melaka ordered that she be brought to marry him as Teja's father was the Chief Minister of Melaka who had sworn fealty.

Melaka, at exactly its fall to Portuguese in 1511 was at its peak of being an international port where traders from China and the East traded with those from Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. It was the famed port where luxuries unknown to the West such as spices, silks, tea, incense, and various aromatic goods had been exchanged for gold and silver since several hundred years previous. It only makes sense that the Queen Consort Teja had at her easy disposal such luxurious perfumed materials such as neroli, rosebuds, orris, and vanilla. These materials are as pricey today as it was magnificent back then...

Notes: Neroli, Rose, Iris, Orris, Vanilla bean.

30 ml eau de Parfum

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