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Mawar Maghribi

Mawar Maghribi

Mawar Maghribi pays tribute to classical Malay sailors of yore who travelled to the farthest corners of the world. Old Morocco, also an entrepot of sorts, must have welcomed traders from this part of the world with equally luxurious goods. In exchange for precious Moroccan rosewater, we imagine them trading with the equally valuable spices; thus enriching the smellscape of days long gone.

Mawar Maghribi is Malay for Moroccan Rose. True to its name, this is the purest rose in our repertoire; like burying your face in a bouquet of fresh roses in a garden. The subtle spice in geranium keeps things from getting too linear, while the sheer citrus helps balance rose's natural creaminess. Mawar Maghribi has a warm but transparent watery 'feel' to it - perfectly suited for spring/summer wear.

Notes: Rose, Bourbon Geranium, Citrus.

30 ml eau de Parfum

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