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Kerongsang (F)

Fragrances traditionally classified as 'Feminine'. Kerongsang is a brooch commonly worn by females in Malay culture to fasten clothing.
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Brand: Floral Model: Eau de Parfum 30ml
1899 begins powdery, fruity fresh, like the scent of freshly showered happy little girls skipping along to school. The crisp morning air is clean after a tropical storm the night before, and on the school grounds frangipani flowers are freshly strewn from a triplet of old trees, its dewy petals by t..
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Model: Eau de Parfum 1ml
1ml Sample Vial of our fragrances. These come in dauber vials set of 6 favourites:Fleur de RampaiMahsuriTejaMendam BerahiBentaraWinstedtNeed it sooner?Should you require faster shipping, please send us a note at Checkout. We will calculate the new rates accordingly and send you further payment d..
Ex Tax:MYR90
Model: Eau de Parfum 5ml
5ml Sample Sprays of our fragrances. This Discovery Set has the same 'juice' that is in our more premium French glass bottles (2ml and 30ml). However, we are also mindful of our fans who do not mind trading a little more generic packaging for the chance to discover our fragrances. These spray bottle..
Ex Tax:MYR150
Brand: Gourmand Model: Eau de Parfum 30ml
A green floral. The inspiration for this scent is Bunga Rampai, a fresh potpourri traditionally made for weddings as a bridal fragrance. Bunga rampai is a quintessentially Malay fragrance that if there is a scent in parfum form that captures its essence, it would be Fleur de Rampai.Notes: Screwpine,..
Ex Tax:MYR450
Brand: Oriental Model: Eau de Parfum 30ml
An aromatic woody floriental. The inspiration for this scent is the conspiratorial events leading up to the unjust death sentence of Mahsuri the Legend of Langkawi. Mahsuri eau de Parfum symbolises the purity and virtue of Mahsuri herself, and the long, lingering 'death' of Langkawi as barren earth ..
Ex Tax:MYR450
Brand: Citrus Model: Eau de Parfum 30ml
‘Mendam Berahi’ was the name of Classical Sultan of Melaka’s Royal Jong (Ship). The Malay superpower state was the King of the Seas whose sailing prowess were well known far and wide. The size of these wooden Malay jongs averaged 1.5-2 times larger than the largest Spanish galleon of the time. This ..
Ex Tax:MYR450
Model: Eau de Parfum 2ml
2ml Sample Sprays of our fragrances. How to select fragrance choice:Select your choice from Fragrance Sample drop-down menu.Adjust the quantity required.Click the yellow 'Add to Cart' button and continue shopping.Need it sooner?Should you require faster shipping, please send us a note at Checkout...
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Brand: Floral Model: Eau de Parfum 30ml
An iris floral with rosebud accents. It opens juicy, eventually settling down into iris with rosebuds trailing. Vanilla lends a caramel background note right into the drydown.She’s polite, subtle, and poised. Teja Eau de Parfum is the embodiment of a Malay Queen. She has presence without being loud,..
Ex Tax:MYR500
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