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100% Natural?

The world trend of going towards naturals and naturally-derived materials is getting stronger by the day. However, there is also the other side of the coin where we acknowledge that a lot of these natural materials (of animal or plant origin) are under environmental pressure. Additional scientific studies also show that naturally-derived materials such as essential oils are not any less dangerous if used indiscriminately. Thus, there is often a need to balance between these opposing sides and opinions which Malay Perfumery tries to incorporate into its mixed-media fragrances.

Malay Perfumery does not pretend to be, nor do we falsely claim to be 100% natural. Our inspiration is, of course, the natural world as Malay heritage is very much closely tied to the environment. However, our products are guaranteed to be based on naturals, with the addition of synthetic materials to enhance the naturals ~ sometimes for the sake of increasing longevity, or as an artistic license to further a scent-imagery, or to replace rare/nearly extinct/environmentally-pressured animals or plants.

Generally, our fragrances are mixed media, as we respect and use the entire range of materials available to a perfumer in both its naturally-derived and lab-derived forms. Due to the nature of certain aromatic materials, not all fragrances are possible to be compounded from 'traditional' means; and for some materials its lab-derived versions perform better as they are free of impurities that may affect the consistency of the scent. Rest assured, even our lab-derived raw materials are sourced from quality-guaranteed sources.

From February 2018 to February 2019, where 'civet' is noted we use real civet in trace amounts. New releases from March 2019 onwards, only synthetic 'civet' is used except otherwise noted.

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